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Reading: Kitchen Corridors


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Kitchen Corridors


Kole Fulmine

Roehampton university, GB
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The naturalistic focus when discussing the body has long been questioned by academics, researchers, and experts alike. But what does natural mean for the trans-masc identifying individual on the cusp of a decision that feels as though it might collide with deeply engrained physiological understanding? 'Kitchen Corridors' follows the journey of a narrator who is struggling with the choice to take testosterone, a transitioning leap that will impact the course of the rest of their life. The discussion surrounds the emotional effect of taking hormones and how that influences their relationship with their body and others' bodies, guided by the writings of Chris Shilling and Lisa Blackman and stylistically influenced by Adrian Bridget.
How to Cite: Fulmine, K. (2021). Kitchen Corridors. Roundtable, 3(1), 4. DOI:
Published on 08 Jul 2021.
Peer Reviewed


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